Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Samantha's Quilt

Last night I finally finished the binding on my quilt for my daughter. This is an Alex Anderson pattern called "Petit Fleur". I decided to tackle a scallop border. Here's the full quilt.

I'm curious to see how the scallops hold up over time. There wasn't anything  providing extra stability for them, so I hope they don't warp or fold over.

Here's a peek at the backing.

This was also the first time I attempted quilting a border that wasn't continuous.  I did half flowers around the sides and the corner has the whole flower. It mimics the yellow flower on the fabric.
I made a newbie mistake that I will share. Maybe there is a way to solve this problem?  I made the back too different of a color than the front. As a result, I started getting some "connect the dot" action with my quilting. Meaning - the thread from one side was coming through the other side.

I played with the tension on scraps to try and fix this, but no luck. So I decided to have it show on the back. Fortunately, you really have to be up close to see it.

The best thing about this quilt for me was Samantha's reaction. I haven't really "given" it to her yet (i need to label it). But when I was done the binding, I stood up and held it up to take a look at it and she was mesmerized. She kept saying "Wow" and asking me to turn it around and show her more. It was so adorable. And I was blown away by it because she's two... I fully expected her to not have any interest. Maybe I have a future quilter on my hands!


randi---i have to say said...

very pretty! the fabrics you picked are perfect!

Miss M! said...

That's so pretty! Did you machine stitch the binding or do it by hand?

i are tiny kitn said...

I love this quilt! how big is it?


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