Friday, September 10, 2010

Kids Clothing Week Challenge

Is anyone else participating in The Kids Clothing Week Challenge over on I just discovered this and plan to join in.

On Elsie's post she asks why people do so much sewing in the spring but not the fall. As I started searching for patterns I realized why. It's so dang easy to make spring/summer clothing! And there aren't a lot of patterns for the fall. The other issue I have is that I don't put a lot of dresses on Samantha. They aren't very practical for day to day playing. And of course most of the patterns are dresses.

The first thing I will be making is pattern "A" from this NewLook pattern. Yup, it's a dress, but so cute I couldn't resist. Note that this pattern is "easy". Those are the only ones that I will do!

I found this corduroy fabric to make it with (yes, I'm still obsessed with brown and pink).

I also found this adorable stretch knit covered with owls. I think I have a top pattern already that would work with it. But I'm nervous because I've never worked with stretch knit before!

Either way, it should be fun. Join in if you can!

On a separate note, as I was offloading these pictures from the camera I found that my husband took this photo this morning while I was in the shower.
Melted my heart to see my little one snuggled in her quilt!

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Rachel said...

can you tell me where you got the owl fabric? I love it and am looking for something like that for my girls rooms for curtains. I can be emailed at thanks so much!


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