Sunday, September 5, 2010

My first doll

As Samantha is about to turn two, I was trying to think of some good ideas for gifts for her. It made me remember my Dressy Bessy from when I was little. You know - the doll that had zippers and buttons and such to help you learn how to dress?

My next trip to the toy store I started to look for her. I found nothing! I couldn't believe it. After searching the internet I learned that they updated her and she's now a Playskool toy. They also sell a Teach Me Elmo and Abby Caddabby version.

I don't know why, but I was underwhelmed by all of them. Then I got the brilliant idea that I could make one of my own. Never mind that I've never made a doll before! I started searching for doll patterns and came up with one from the fabulous Melly & Me. If you don't know about them, definitely check out their blog. They have the cutest softies and an adorable line of fabric coming out.

So I got their pattern and made my first doll. The instructions were well written and pretty easy to follow. But, I quickly learned that the accessories I had bought, namely overall clips, were way too big for her. So I decided she would just be a doll for now. Maybe in the future I'll adapt her to be a Teach Me doll?

Here is my first doll, yet to be named. I think I'll let Samantha name her. For now she's chillin' at her log cabin.

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