Monday, March 21, 2011

Parisian Stripes Finished!

Okay, let me first warn you that this post will be photo heavy! It is extremely hard to photograph a king size quilt. If anyone has suggestions, please let me know. I wanted to take this outside but I had nowhere to hang it that was high enough. I don't do trees. So - here's what we have. My Parisville king size quilt!
I delayed posting these because we don't really have a bed yet, just a mattress. I have a feeling it's going to be a LONG time before we find a bed we like so I'm going ahead with these.
This is from Elizabeth Hartman's 12+2=Q pattern that I adapted to king size. The 12 is 12 fat quarters, which if you supersize it, you need more than that. The beauty and trouble with this pattern is that the 2 in the pattern name are the two sheets needed for the white space and the backing. That means no piecing for those huge spaces - yay! But - just try finding sheets that aren't sold in sets. I don't have Ikea really close and the only place I could find sheets by themselves was Target and Wal Mart and there weren't a lot of color choices. Thankfully I found this green.
ETA - If you are having your quilt done by a longarmer, check with them and make sure they work with sheets. And find the lowest thread count you can!
This was such a fun and quick pattern. I knew I didn't want to do a crazy amount of piecing on a king size. It was difficult enough dealing with so much fabric, I can't imagine doing it with lots of little blocks.

This is the back side. I put a string of piecing in (including my label) that shows nicely when I fold the top of the quilt over.

Some detail of the quilting. I love those scallops. (I darkened the photo up so you can see it better)

Didn't Margaret do an amazing job with the quilting?

My pillows!

Quilt stats:
Quilt name: Parisian Stripes
Pattern: 12+2=Q modified for size
Fabric line: Parisville by Tula Pink
Measurements: 110"x110" (?)
Finished: 2/28/11


Elizabeth Dackson said...

Oooh, Becky, this is one heck of a stunner! Great job!! I love it! And I really love the extra pop of color the green gives it. This is just so pretty :)

amy said...

Oh my gosh, what a beauty! Great job!

Angie said...

The quiilting is fabulous!

Jacey said...

Wow, it is so beautiful! You should be very proud of such a big finish! The quilting is perfect, and I just love your coordinating pillows.

Shelley said...

This is such a beautiful quilt! Congrats on your finish. It must feel wonderful to sleep under your fabulous creation!

Lee said...

Becky! It's GORGEOUS! Oh my gosh, I am just blown away by that quilting, your quilter is amazing. And what a great pattern to use with Parisville. Looks great with the pillows too. A++! : )

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hello Becky! Your new quilt is so beautiful! I can imagine how difficult it was to work with so big quilt! I'm beginning to make king size and I'm thinking seriously perhaps I should make it 2 pieces. I love also your pillow - lovely patterns!
Thank you for your visit and lovely comment on my blog! Teje

Melanie said...

Your quilt and pillows are absolutely gorgeous! Good job!

Alisa said...

It's beautiful! Very nice pillows too.

Kelsey said...

Wow, what an amazing quilt!

Jenny said...

Wow! Good job! And the quilting is amazing!

Kate S. said...

Wow, I am so impressed, I can't imagine making a king size quilt! It turned out great, and I love the green you chose :)

Megan said...

Eeek! LOVE! Seriously. Great job! That quilting is wonderful. And I can only imagine how heavy that beauty is. :) Thanks for linking up!

Mom said...

I cannot even say how I stumbled upon your flickr stream, but I was wandering around, and came to a picture of a quilt I lead me to your blog. I absolutely love how this quilt turned out. It looks fantastic with those pillows and the green stripe on the back of the quilt. Awesome fabrics- It is always ful to see quilts I have quilted when they are finished & in use~

Margaret Gunn


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