Thursday, March 3, 2011

Parisville pillow saved

If you remember this post, I was having problems with this pillow. Nothing was lining up properly and I was getting puckers. I decided to keep going with it and quilt as recommended in the book (Dare to be Square).
I'm glad I did. It's still not my favorite pillow, but at least it not a total mess. I don't think these prints lend themselves well to such a geometric pillow. I'm wishing I had done my cathedral windows project for this one.

It's a pretty puffy pillow so  a lot of the puckering is masked. Especially since the quilting itself created some puckering. whoops! I haven't washed it yet. I'm not sure if I'm going to or not, but that would probably help even more.
This was the first pillow I added piping too and I really like the effect.  I used leftover binding from my king quilt to cover cording and attach it. It was pretty simple, if I do it again I'll take photos.

 The back is a simple envelope closure that I did a fancy stitch on the hemline.
I know I wouldn't be good with an embroidery machine. I get so bored waiting for these special stitches! 

I'm waiting for the sun to come out so I can take some pictures of this on the bed. Yay!


Elizabeth Dackson said...

Oooh, I like the fancy stitch on your envelope closure! I think this turned out lovely, Becky! I'm a big fan of Parisville, so I know I would be super happy to have this at my house :)

Sara @ Sew Sweetness said...

Oh wow it looks perfect! I love the green. It really turned out great!!

You won my giveaway for the Betsy Ross bag pattern! Please send me your address! Congratulations!

Unknown said...

You should be very proud it came out beautiful. I love how you paired the parisville with the green. Wash it for sure, the crinkles hide a multiple of imperfections.

Lee said...

I thought it would turn it okay in the end! It looks great. Love that decorative stitch on the pillow closure.

And now you've got me thinking about Parisville cathedral windows. That would be FABULOUS, you should do it!

Megan said...

Looks great! I love the stitching detail on the back. Fabulous finish!

Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

good save!! i'm proud of you for sticking with it!

Tyra said...

I love the fancy stitching on the back! I never think to use all those stitches and you've inspired me to start:)

ktquilts said...

I have a small stack of Parisville mist that hasn't told me what it wants to be yet! Love it. And I know what you mean about those decorative stitches, but I love them. I have used them to quilt a whole quilt!!


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