Friday, March 25, 2011

A little excitment and a little help

I had a little exciting package arrive yesterday. I can't really say I designed my own fabric, but I did do my own labels!
Nothing too fancy, but I'm happy with them. And I loved using Spoonflower. I used this tutorial to make them. Yeah, I'm linking you to Julie again. What can I say, she's got a great blog. She did all the math for the labels in that tutorial and if you are like me, that's the scary part. If you've ever wanted to do your own fabric labels, go check it out.
Now on to the help part. I could use a little help with my Supernova quilt along fabrics. This is what her finished quilt looked like:
Here is my first pull and as usual I've got too much and am having a hard time narrowing it down. What can I say - I love it all! I am definitely seeing a couple odd fabrics in here that would need to be removed though.
So the first problem is that I've only got 8 fabric stacks there and you are supposed to have 9. My thoughts:

  1. repeat the beginning red/orange block (since this seems dominated by cool right now)
  2. do a white to gray block and put it in the center.
Since I do have a lot more cool than warm. Scrap this and do all all cool colors. Blue/green/purple. Somehow I have a ton of them.

Would love to hear what you think. For now, my daughter and I are off for a day of toddler fun.


Elizabeth Dackson said...

Put together a white to gray stack, I really think that would look stunning! And I love your label, it looks fantastic! I really need to do that, too, thanks for reminding me! :)

P.S. - Don't think I'm a full-on reading slacker, I'm reading 13th Tale right now and so far I like it very much, I'm just way behind!

Sara @ Sew Sweetness said...

Love your labels! Very cute! And I agree with what you said about the red/orange!

Linz said...

I like the white/gray idea too, but I also love red/orange... hmmm. I think either way would be great! (I know... not that helpful!) I love the fabric you have so far!!!!

WAY cool lables!!

Jacey said...

Your labels are awesome. How exciting!

Live a Colorful Life said...

It's redundant but I'll just repeat the other comments: LOVE your labels (I keep meaning to try out the info from Julie too!). Try the white/gray but the red/orange stack is pretty awesome!

I'm taking the easy way out: Hope Valley just like in the picture. :)

Katherine said...

Gorgeous labels! Thanks so much for sharing the link to Julie - I think this is a brilliant way to make labels.

Lee said...

Yay for Spoonflower! The labels look fab! I keep meaning to make some for myself, but would you believe I haven't done it yet?

I still vote for repeating the red/orange block, but I actually think all of your ideas would be great. All the blocks you already have are so fabulous that I think you could get away with just about anything! : )


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