Friday, March 4, 2011

Curtain Battle #2: Valances

It only took me 5 hours, but this is my new window treatment in the great room:
Thank you to everyone who voted when I had curtain options up. This pattern was the winner and I'm really happy with how it came out. Here's a reminder of what my window looked like.
The shades were there, they just tuck up under the valance. So why did it take 5 hours? Well, on my first attempt, I may have measured wrong and my valance was 10 inches too long. Whoops! I didn't follow my own advice from the first curtain battle. Measure measure measure.
Here's a closer shot. There are pleats in the front and then at the side.
I was asked before if I lined my curtains. These are in fact lined. It actually makes it go faster because you sew the lining to the right side of the curtain on the sides and bottom and flip the whole thing inside out. That means no hemming. Yay!

So, only 3 more of these and a large bay window to do in this room. Hopefully they will go much faster since I've got the measuring thing down.

And this arrived on my doorstep today.
No, I'm not opening a fabric store (though I'd like to). This is for drapes. I now know why people make valances and not drapes. I needed 14 yards of fabric (the gray) for my bedroom windows! That's going to be a challenge right? The blue is 2 yards for my dining room. I should be doing the stash report because my numbers are going to be crazy with all these curtains!


Jacey said...

That's some lovely fabric in your stash, although I guess it won't be stash for very long! Your valance turned out really nice; it's much better than what the previous owners had.

A.J. Dub. (Amy) said...

OOOOH love the new fabrics. Your curtains are turning out great! You inspired me to get some up in my bedroom last weekend. Thanks!(Granted we only have the white parts up so far, but we are getting there.)

Kati said...

I just bought some of that grey today and would love to make curtains from it, but I really don't have anywhere in my house that needs grey curtains. I'm making a bag from it. I LOVE this line of fabric!


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