Wednesday, June 1, 2011

WIP Wednesday {29}

Okay, it really feels like more than a week has passed here. We had our house buyers fall through, then come back. Our A/C at the new house needs repair... the list goes on but I won't bore you with it! On to the fabric and sewing.

Finished this week:
Boppy Covers 

In progress:
Baby Bike Quilt. After I posted asking your opinion last week for blue or gray I went back and laid all my fabrics out. I realized that the inner border was a blue polka dot and would be too much blue if I used the blue as the 'neutral' also. Sorry for not giving you all information! I did manage to piece the whole top and it's currently waiting for basting. Any suggestions for quilting?

I did already find a use for some of that blue linen though. I started cutting my Amy Butler Weekender Bag. I had no idea what a bear this bag was when I started it and I've since seen a ton of posts about how hard it is. So I'm pacing myself on this one. I've just been cutting the pieces - and there are a TON!  I've run out of fusible interfacing so I'll be going this morning to get more. Back to the linen, I've decided to use it for handles and piping on this bag. Here are some of my cut pieces.

I was able to get done more of the king size Bird Bath blocks. I have 25 total. There are 24 in this picture because my mom still has the trial block in Florida.

I've had a moment of panic with this one. I usually don't pre-wash my fabrics and didn't in this case. Has anyone worked with the Kona black before? It's so saturated I'm now terrified of washing this quilt. It's white and black and kind of too late.

I started a new project, cutting fabric for another baby quilt. This one is using Jaybird Quilts Carnival pattern and Lily and Will II fabric. Because yes, I have more friends having babies!

Also back on my list is my first quilt which I just got back from quilting. This will be a whole post to itself. But at the moment, I can't find the binding I made for it!! You know, I put it "here" so I wouldn't lose it.

Waiting for my attention:
The curtains - looking for the perfect hardware
the bathroom - it's all prepped, I just need time to paint.

Total WIP's: 7 (not too bad)

I'm linking up with WIP Wednesday which is actually being hosted by Elizabeth at Don't Call Me Betsy this week. Go check it out!
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


Elizabeth D. said...

I love that - you put it here so you won't lose it :) Can't wait to see that first quilt! I think your Birdbath quilt is looking fantastic so far, but I haven't used Kona Black before (shockingly), so I'm not sure how it washes. As for quilting your bikes quilt, some echo quilting around each block would look really nice, I think! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday!

Shannon said...

I have used black before (not sure if it was kona or not) and I stopped pre-washing my fabrics a while ago (I haven't had problems with kona in general though). I always throw 2 or 3 Shout color catchers in with the first quilt wash. They work REALLY well and even when they come out with a bit of color, there has never been any bleeding onto quilt itself.

noga quilts said...

Beautiful baby quilt, the grey border really complement the blocks.

Your Bird Bath quilt is also great. Try washing the top with cold water and "shout" or other washing detergent for colored fabrics. It "catches" the color and prevent it from bleeding to the white. Good luck with this.

Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

I have used black.. and didn't have any issues.

i'd suggest making a sample "block" from scraps of the black and some other colors... throw it in the wash or wash it by hand and see if the water gets discolored at all.

it looks great!

Katie B. said...

I used Kona Black for my dirtbike quilt, and I didn't have any problems with it.

I'm never any good at deciding how to quilt, but I love the gray sashing!

Jessica said...

I have never used kona black, but I have used reds with whites before, and had that same moment of panic that you are having, but I just washed in cold water and used some of those color catchers, and haven't had any problems so far with bleeding colors (I also don't prewash) It looks fantastic though!

Sharon Pernes said...

I love the bike quilt,beautiful work!

Denise in PA said...

The gray is perfect! Good choice. Re the bag - I want to make a Birdie Sling, but I heard it was hard too so I'm afraid - LOL! I have used Kona black a lot - have never had a problem. But, I'd definitely use cold water and a color catcher or two! I can't wait to see Carnival in Lily & Will (that's another line I can't get enough of). o:)

Sandy said...

The bike quilt is awesome. For color though, I think I like your yellow and gray circles. I love color.
Good luck with the household stuff.

Jenniffier said...

All your work is looking wonderful. Don't you just hate those safe places :) As for the black try Shout color catchers when you wash it. They work wonders!

Live a Colorful Life said...

I put things in "safe" places all the time and then can't find them again. So frustrating.

The AB Weekender: yep, tons of pieces. I'm pacing myself as well.

Your birdbath quilt looks amazing!

LynCC said...

OK, I was really loving the bicycle quilt, and then as I kept going I saw the birdbath project and said, "Oh!!" :)

The Feisty Redhead said...

The bike quilt is AWESOME. I love it!

diane said...

i just bought the same fabrics in your baby bike quilt. Thanks for the inspiration.

Jacey said...

I agree with Shannon. Use a Shout color catcher. They're pretty genius. I don't ever pre-wash fabrics, and I'm a big fan of these sheets.

Also, I love the fabrics you're using for your Weekender Bag. The Laura Gunn poppies are a favorite.

Diane said...

I used Kona Black with color catcher in first wash and didn't have any issues. Love that bird bath quilt... Is that the Little Man pattern used for the MM bile quilt? It came together nice.

Bree said...

Oh, gray was definitely the best choice. Love it! I'd consider stippling in the sashing, and a stitch-in-the-ditch quilt line around each of the inner blocks to make them pop.

Never used Kona black before, but I never prewash my Kona and haven't ever had a problem. Hope it works out!

Marci Girl said...

Everything looks beautiful, and like someone else said, just use one of those color catchers in the wash and everything should be great!

littlemissmk said...

yay for another non-pre-washer! i thought i was the only one... i've never used black though. i'm sure it will be fine. beautiful quilts here!

Bree said...

Hmmm...I don't know about the Kona black bleeding, but I think I would wash it with one of those color catchers the first few times you wash it. Maybe try washing one block by hand (or a spare piece) to see if it bleeds?

Your baby bike quilt is looking great. I really like the grey, so glad you went with it!

Kate S. said...

I love your bike quilt, it looks super cute! I have been admiring all the cute bike fabrics out there and mulling whether to stash some - I have some very good friends that are serious cyclists and seem likely to have a baby in the next few years :)

Also, I have heard that you can get something called a "color catcher" to put in the wash with your quilt and it will suck up the excess dye that is released I guess? I have never tried it but it might be worth looking into!

Susanne said...

I've used a ton of Kona Black and haven't had a problem with bleeding or anything! That quilt really is beautiful!

AND I just LOVE LOVE that bicycle quilt!! I saw all Michael Miller's new fabrics and I'm just swooning : ) !!!


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