Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WIP Wednesday {30}

Really? Is it really week 30 already! Amazing. So here's what's on the table this week.

Finished: nada

In process:
Today's big project is cleaning up my sewing room. :(  No pictures because I'm way to embarrassed at how it looks. In addition to my own stuff, my husband has dumped a few boxes in there also so it's a bit crowded. My current sewing room is also the dining room and tomorrow we are getting our dining room furniture back from the old house. So I need to make it work in that room with all my stuff. Should be interesting.

I found the binding for my first quilt.  It was in one of my scrapbooking piles in the guest room. Whoops! Now I just need to get it attached.

Very little progress on the Weekender bag. Well, it was a lot of work, but doesn't feel like a lot of result. I got all the cording done- all 5 yrds! With some advice from Cindy at Live a Colorful life, I decided to use Steam a Seam to fuse it instead of sewing it together. Apparently you sew over the cording several times and each time you get closer and closer. So if you start too close, you can run into problems.

I got 4 blocks done for my mom's Bird Bath quilt. And running out of ideas to photograph these blocks every week. lol

Cutting is done for my Baby Carnival quilt. I need to get this one moving. I realized this friend is having her baby in 3 weeks. Although she doesn't know if it's a boy or a girl and I do have the potential girl quilt ready. Let's hope it's a girl!

I did manage to fix and finish the quilting on my Baby Bicycle quilt. Just need to get the binding done. I've chosen polka dots for that one.

I haven't mentioned the Sew Modern Bee in a while. This month we are doing Wonky Log Cabins and she's requested a fabric flower to go with it. That will be a fun addition. I received this beautiful fabric to work with. I haven't even unwrapped these because I don't want them to get lost in all the shuffle the next few days.

And last but not least, my do.Good Stitches blocks. It's Megan's (Canoe Ridge Creations) month and she put together a tutorial for a bow-tie block. She's requested a rainbow of colors, so here is what I've pulled (and have since ironed).

In addition I've been doing some planning and prep work for a few future projects that I don't have photos of. Should be able to post them soon though!

Total WIP's this week: 7

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Elizabeth Dackson said...

Your bow-tie selections look great! I need to get my butt in gear on that one, haven't done anything with it just yet. Those Birdbath blocks are looking super so far, great job!! And did you make all that cording?? No wonder Cindy's going out of her mind with that bag!!! I bet yours is going to be lovely, too :)

Linz said...

Gotta love finding binding! :)

I love that birdbath block! I can't wait to see it all together!!

Man - you have been busy! Good luck with the furniture/organizing!

Katie B said...

Good luck with the sewing room clean-up! I'm sure you'll feel great when it's finished.

Jessica Kelly said...

Busy busy girl! I'm with you on needing a good sewing room clean up! Great WIPs!

Melinda said...

LOL about the pictures of your mom's quilt! That's exactly how I feel some weeks ("Okay, how can I show them the progress but make it look different than the 14 other pictures I've already posted of it!" I'm there!). Love your projects!

Live a Colorful Life said...

Well, now Becky... you already know that I'm having "issues" with the infamous Weekender bag. Every one who has gone before you and me has said it is totally worth it after completion. So press on. We should all form a little support group!

Live a Colorful Life said...

P.S. Oops. I totally forget (see what this weekender bag is doing to me??!) to say, wow, you have been busy. I can't wait to see pics of your sewing room. Come on. You should have showed us the before and after!

felicity said...

Nice! Everything looks fab. Good luck with the cleanup/rearranging. I am weird in that I enjoy that kind of thing.

Sarah @ FairyFace Designs said...

Oh, I hate organising, it seems like such a waste of time you could spend sewing but then I'm always so glad when I finish! Your fabrics are looking lovely for your bow tie block and I love that polka dot for your binding!

Melissa said...

"Clean Sewing Room" is going on my {WiP} list very soon. I took a "before" shot the other day. And I bought a fabric hutch that needs to be renovated first, but once that's done, the sewing space gets a total revamp. I'm kinda scared. :)
I love all your projects, though! And I'm excited to see your Weekender bag. I love seeing them but I'm pretty sure I will never make one...too much work! :)
Good luck!

Jenniffier said...

All you projects look wonderful. Cleaning up/organizing my sewing room keeps ending up in my wips too. Good luck with all you stuff.

Lee said...

Such pretty stuff. : ) Love your birdbath blocks, as always. Good luck getting the sewing room organized! And thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday.


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