Monday, December 20, 2010

Argh! My machine

Okay I need to vent to people who understand!! My sewing machine is giving me problems again. I just had it in for service over Thanksgiving. It's now running very loud and my top thread keeps breaking. Aurefil again.

I've got to take it back in for service again. This machine is only a year old. What gives? Am I using it too much?! It's a Bernina 230. What kind of machine do you have? Do you like it, have you had problems? I can't get another machine already. Please tell me this is a blip and my machine will be fine. I'm already having withdrawal and I just put it away 15 minutes ago.


Hector said...

This would be a great time to take up hand applique, you know.

Lane said...

Hmmm. I think I'd take it in and ask for priority service, since they just looked at it. I've had problems with my machine getting in a bind and making extra noise trying to pull the top thread and then breaking that thread, but a different spool usually solves that. Good luck! Lane


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