Thursday, December 2, 2010

I couldn't stay away

I've never done a Sew and Tell with AmyLou and I think it's time! Head over there to see some great projects.

I had packed away my sewing machine for Thanksgiving and planned to keep it packed through this weekend. We have a large amount of family coming to visit on Friday and stay through the weekend for an early Christmas celebration. So that didn't leave much room for my extra stuff all over the dining room.

But around Wednesday, I started getting the itch to sew. And my new Parisville fabric was screaming to get out of the box.
So I pulled everything out and decided to make the Whimsy Bag from LazyGirl Designs. I needed a new purse that was larger than what I'm currently carrying. Since I'm generally carrying diapers, sippy cups and goldfish, this bag is great. It's actually a tote and is 12x12 with a 4 inch boxed bottom so it stands up on its own. The only thing I'm not thrilled with is there is no closure up top. I may add on a button strap or something just to keep it somewhat closed.
Here's a shot of the lining. I love all the fabrics in this line so it was hard to decide on what to use on this bag.
This is the lining of the pockets.
And of course, detail of the crazy cameo print. I know this will be getting a lot of attention. My husband is a little freaked out by it. He doesn't need to know that I'm using this fabric for our next bed quilt.
Here's the other cameo that shows on my bag. This one is totally going to freak out my sister. She has an irrational fear of squirrels. hee hee! I just love the curly tail (yeah, the one that I cut off in the photo. sorry).
I was surprised at how large the cameos are when I got the fabrics. The measurement from the top of the bag to the top of the pocket is 5 inches and there is more of that cameo in the pocket. I had plans to fussy cut that for my next quilt, but I'm rethinking it because of the scale. Or I have to rethink the quilt design I have in mind! What do you do with your super large scale prints? It seems a shame to cut this into small pieces.


Christie describeHappy said...

That fabric makes up a really pretty bag! And I am still laughing at that squirrel! With big prints use larger cuts?

Dayna said...


Lauren said...

What a snazzy first Sew N Tell. I love the colors! Great job!

Sara @ Sew Sweetness said...

I love your patchwork bag, it's just beautiful! I agree, that squirrel is hilarious!

CJ said...

WOAH, I had no idea that fabric had freakish cameos and LARGE to boot! I love the bag though, super cute. I'm never to sure about large prints until I see what others have done with them first.

Diane said...

Beautiful bag! super cute and that cameo fabric kinda freaks me out too!

amylouwhosews said...

I love this bag! I wasn't sure about this fabric line from just the pictures, but I really love it made up into a bag!


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