Wednesday, December 22, 2010

WIP Wednesday and another question

The machine is going in to be looked at this morning. I'm hoping they don't have to keep it. But I guess if they do it won't be so bad. I can pack up my house instead. After all, we are moving in a week or 2. whoops.

Quilting has begun on this baby quilt. I'm loving how sophisticated it is! Though at 52x52 I think this is the largest baby quilt I've ever done.
I'm collecting fabrics for my daughter's first big girl bed. The Vive La France line from Monaluna has definitely been my inspiration fabric. I have 2 pieces of furniture in her room with french poodles and the Eiffel Tour so these were a no brainer! And my argyle pillow was done to coordinate with these.

I'm going to have to name these posts Just Wondering Wednesday since I always seem to have a question. How do you buy your batting? 
Because that baby quilt is so large, I pieced together some batting to fit it. You can see in the above picture where it's pieced.  Do you do this with your smaller pieces? I tend to buy my batting when it's on sale and I guess I picked up a couple that were supposed to be for "baby quilts". At 35x45, they aren't very big. I don't have room really to buy a big bolt of batting. What do you do? Buy as you need? Stockpile large sizes?


Elizabeth Dackson said...

I like the idea of Wondering Wednesday! I've done a bit of both this year with batting, buying as I need it and stockpiling. I have bought off the bolt and I've bought pre-packaged batting, too. Not sure which I like better, though. Like you, I definitely don't have room to store a whole bolt of batting! I've got a big Tupperware container full of my batting, both the unused batting and the scraps left from what I have used.

Lane said...

Hey, Becky. Last year, I bought 10 yards of warm and natural about 100" wide batting with a 50% off coupon. I thought I'd use it in a year trying to finish all my WIPs, but I didn't. I still have a bunch left. But, I do seam scraps together. I lay them on the floor and sew them together and then cut to size. As much as it costs, no need to waste a bit. Pieces too small I use in practice muslins for FMQ. Good luck at the shop. Lane

Lee said...

Did you know that you can also buy batting by the yard? They have huge bolts of Warm and Natural at my Joanne's. The width is like 80" or 100" or something ridiculously wide like that (I forget what exactly), so a couple of yards usually covers even the largest quilts. So unless I happen to be making a quilt that's the exact size of one of the pre-packaged batting sizes, I buy it by the yard (less expensive and less waste).

The fabric for your daughter's quilt is beautiful. Happy holidays! : )

Hector said...

I want to second and third what Quiltfool and Lee have both said. Just make sure that you get yourself on JoAnn's email list. I rarely run out of batting around here because of all of the 40% and 50% off coupons I get. I usually get the same stuff (Warm and Natural) online.

Anonymous said...

I buy the pre-packaged stuff so that it stays nice and clean. It's rarely the right size - I tend to buy twin size & cut it down. The left overs I use for bags, pot holders, mug rugs etc. I am sure that eventually I will try piecing but it does make me a little nervous!


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