Friday, December 31, 2010

Some quick zipper pouches

During the snow storm on Sunday, I whipped up a couple of zipper pouches. They were super simple. Next time I will probably take a few photos and put up a tutorial.

 These are specifically so that little hands that dig through my purse looking for Goldfish don't find my female products and make up! But you could easily re-size these for anything. They might be a little addicting to make.

On a personal note, we made settlement on our new house on Thursday. Now the big/long move starts! I think it's going to take us the whole month to get this one done.

Have a happy New Year's Eve everyone!


Elizabeth Dackson said...

Super cute, love the fabrics you used. Getting over my fear of zippers is on my list of to do's for 2011, so I'd love a tutorial! Good luck with your move, I hope it goes well :)

Angie said...

Cute! We went to mass on Christmas Eve and the lady in front of us needs these pouches. The son got into the makeup and you would have thought that we were celebrating Halloween with the eye shadow all over his face. Like Elizabeth (commenter above), I have a fear of zippers and a tutorial would be helpful!

Unknown said...

I think i need a few of those. Once while waiting to get my car fixed my son pulled out and opened the felmale products that were in my bag. Talk about embarrassing. :) Congrats on your good news!


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