Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kids Clothing Week - take 2

Okay, so I had recently mentally decided I needed a break from swaps and sew alongs. I think I need to take some time to sew what I want to sew. I love swapping and doing quilt alongs. They really get you to work outside your comfort zone and try new things. But I think I signed up for too many too fast (they are addicting). Anyway, I was feeling like I was always under a deadline, worried that what I made wasn't good enough, etc. It was doing my creative mojo any good. I will definitely be joining again after a little break {I'm already being very tempted by Round 2 of Spice Up the Kitchen - please help!}

And I have decided to join this group on Elsie Marley this week!
kids clothes week challenge spring 2011

I did join last fall and only made one dress, but it was nice to have that extra push to do it. I haven't decided if this breaks my mental promise or not. There aren't any deadlines, you aren't sewing for anyone but yourself (and your kids), and you can do as much or as little as you want. So I'm thinking I haven't broken my promise. I think it's just the motivation I need to put aside the quilts and do clothing! I may even work on something for me even {such a rebel}.

Besides - I have a stack of little girl patterns that have just been waiting for me to get to them. One I noticed my daughter is almost too big for. Meaning - make it now or that's a useless pattern! So if you have some clothing you've been wanting to make, join us! The blog to follow is Elsie Marley and there is a Flickr support group here to share pictures and get help.

I'm off to sort my patterns and fabrics and get ready!

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