Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Before I packed up my sewing room for thanksgiving I finished all my pillowcases for charity. There are 9 in total and I'm excited to be able to drop them off for a good cause.
And now the dining room is actually a dining room! And I've set my first formal table. I've never hosted Thanksgiving before and this time we are having a small group of four (and a toddler) so it will be less stressful. Practice for the 7 adults and 2 toddlers I'll have for Christmas next weekend. eeekk!

So I just have to point out my crystal water vase because I'm really so excited about it. My grandmother just gave that to me this summer. It was her mothers - a wedding gift about 100 years ago. My silverware is a family gift from my husbands side also. It's so nice to have family belongings to remind you of the people who owned them and gave them to you. Just so grateful for everything this Thanksgiving. 
Happy Thanksgiving to you! Hope it's a wonderful day.

1 comment:

Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

great pillowcases & i love your thanksgiving table!!


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