Thursday, November 11, 2010

Big news

It looks like we may be moving shortly! We've been looking for a house for almost a year now. A few weeks ago we put in an offer on a house that I've been working hard not to fall in love with. And this morning the realtor called to tell me that our offer was accepted!

So, pending all inspections, this will be my new sewing room.

Yup, it's a dining room. And it will still be a dining room. But, recently my sister has moved in with us. So I don't know how long the "extra room" will be her room. So I will be in the dining room. The laundry room is attached so that's pretty convenient for fabric storage and ironing and such. Don't you just want to light that fireplace and get to work?

So - I'm looking for inspirations for contained workstations now. Do you have a workstation that is within another room? Got any great pictures you can share with me? Any spaces that inspire you?

There may not be much sewing going on since I'll be packing and doing home repairs on our current house. But I do have a few christmas projects and presents that I'll be sharing. Otherwise it may be a little quiet around here.


AnneMarie said...

My follower friday posts always have pictures of the featured person's might be a place to start getting some inspiration?

AnneMarie @ Gen X Quilters

randi said...

how fun to look forward to a new sewing spot! best wishes figuring out how to organize and decorate!


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