Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tulle Pom Pom Puffs

For Halloween my daughter wanted to be Abby Caddaby (she's two, I gave her a couple choices). For those of you who haven't watched Sesame Street in a few years, this is Abby:
I found the perfect fairy costume at The Children's Place by accident. So I decided not to make the costume. What was missing though was something for those cute pigtails. My daughter doesn't have a lot of hair so I thought I'd make some tulle pom poms.

 These are so super simple and could be used for wedding embellishments or something I'm sure. So I took a few photos and here's how easy.
Take your tulle or netting and cut into long strips. This is customizable depending on how large you want your pom-pom. For my purposes, I did about 3 inches wide by about 15 inches long.
Select a thread and do a loose running stitch up the center of your tulle. I had two layers (blue and purple) placed together. First I tried Monofiliment thinking it wouldn't show but it was way too slippery. Stick with regular thread and knot the end so it doesn't go all the way through.
Then simply gather the tulle up into a little puff.

You could use the string to attach it to a barrette, or hot glue it like I did. I didn't have enough hands to tie it with the string.
And there you have it... Abby Caddaby pigtail puffs!

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SplendidlyImperfect said...

You are nicer than me. Bubba gets no say until he can figure out how to ask on his own. BWA HAHAHAHA!!!


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