Thursday, November 18, 2010


Over the weekend I was working on my challenge project for December's PMQG meeting and this started happening to my stitches.
My bobbin thread was getting tangled, my top thread was breaking. And I was using Aurefil (sp?) so it wasn't cheap thread. I couldn't get it to work correctly so I took it in for service. It's due for the yearly work anyway. They don't take appointments and told me it would be a week to 10 days. GASP!

So - I've been stalled with my to-do list! I'm already going through withdrawal. My back up machine is pretty old and also has bobbin problems so it's probably more stress than it's worth. So there my project sits.
I decided to do some cutting this week to have some projects ready when it's back. I started the Jump Hop Count Playmat from Moda Bakeshop. The letters and numbers ought to keep me busy for a while. it's a version of applique which is new to me and will be interesting I think.
I also got this quilt back from being quilted and need to add the binding. This is the back of the quilt
On Tuesday, we had our PMQG meeting and did some sewing for charity. I was inspired to do some pillowcases of my own for the Million Pillowcase Challenge.
Yup, those are nine pillowcases cut and ready to be sewn. Got any stash lying around you'd like to use up? This is a great way to use it, and these are really fast to put together. You just take them to your LQS and they donate them to different charities. Join up if you can. There are free pillowcase patterns here.

Then today the ultimate torture arrived on my doorstep.
I'm in love with the Parisville fabric line from Tula Pink and may have bought a little too much!  But I can't decide which fabric or colorway is my favorite. Maybe this one?
No, I think it's this one.
Ohhh, they are all so pretty....
Well, I have a king size quilt to make now so I need a lot of fabric right?  Now, I just have to find the perfect pattern. Any suggestions? Do you have a favorite design at the moment? I'm leaning towards some large half square triangles at the moment. And at least I have plenty of time to search while I have no sewing machine.


Lane said...

Winding Ways is not for the faint of heart, but I am having a blast doing it. Looks like you have a nice assortment of darks and lights and that's what it takes. But, isn't deciding half the fun of it? Lane

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

How about this for your Parisville?

I don't have any Parisville yet, but I was dreaming that if I did, this is what I'd make.


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