Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Soliciting input....

I could use your help with my QAL and I've created another little poll at the end of this post. Of course I had to start playing with my blocks and now I can't decide how I should finalize the layout. I even recruited my little helper to assist me with the layouts!

Actually, the problem started when I fell in love with 5 layout colors rather than the 4 the pattern calls for. The original pattern is for 4 'blocks' of color such as this "Layout 1":
Layout 1

You can see the odd block on the right. I will have 4 extra blocks of that color if I go with this one. But I plan to use those on the back so no biggie if this is your favorite. It would probably be a better wall hanging at this size.  Another idea:

Layout 2
 Then I thought, why not just lay them all out in rows? Here's what that looks like:

Layout 3
Or how about if I stagger those? (sorry this is out of focus, it looked okay in the camera).

Layout 4
Which layout do you prefer?
pollcode.com free polls 
thanks for helping out! Feel free to leave comments too.


Barbie Mills said...

I LOVE the second layout, but #3 is a close second for me. I like that you have it going from light to dark. Very nice. Good luck!

Katy Cameron said...

Well I voted, but really, did your mother never tell you that soliciting was bad? ;o)

Mary said...

I'm having a hard time deciding between #3 and #4

Marci Girl said...

I just love #3!

Sarah said...

I voted for no 2. Love the visual interest it adds.


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