Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pinterest Report #3

That would be awesome!

So here's what I've done recently from Pinterest. All recipes this week.

The first recipe is from and is for Spicy Buffalo Chicken Salad. I have to admit I was pleased to see a recipe from a site with ratings and lots of reviews. Made me feel much better about making it!
I was nervous about how this was going to go over because the 'salad' part is cabbage. But it's got blue cheese and hot sauce on it so it was pretty awesome. I totally took the lazy way out with this recipe. First off I used a bag of coleslaw mix. Then, I had leftover rotisserie chicken so I used that and marinated it then warmed it on the stovetop. Its probably even better with real grilled chicken. Hubby ate it and had seconds (that's the true test you know, seconds).

The next recipe was Crispy Southwest Chicken Wraps.

This was what I had originally bought the rotisserie chicken for. I went light on the sour cream so mine were a little dry. But I brought out the salsa and they were pretty good. I would definitely add some guacamole next time. But like she says on her website, these are really flexible and can be changed up a lot. Another good recipe.

A quick one that I did along with my pasta sauce was for Rosemary Olive Oil Bread similar to that at Macaroni Grill. I cheated on this one too. I made it like the Crockpot Bread from the other week with premade dough. Because I did it that way, the rosemary wound up more marbled than throughout the bread. It was still VERY yummie!

The last one was a mixed bag. It's Shells with Pesto Peas and Sundried tomatoes.

I made this because I had a ton of pesto from Costco. I thought it was excellent. But as usual, when I try to make a meatless meal, hubby is not happy. He ate this and liked it, but then finished off the leftover Buffalo chicken!  This made a lot so I would either save it for a party or cut it in half or even a quarter to use as a side.

So there is my All Done report from Pinterest! 


Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

Love that quote at the top!
Yes I would have had to serve steak or something with the pasta salad, but they all look so yummy!

Beth said...

The quote at the top is very funny and very true. My hubby feels the same way about meatless meals. I had pinned the salad and like your shortcut with the coleslaw.

Katie B said...

Yum, you're making me hungry!

Katy Cameron said...

Yummy week over at your place :o) Your OH would starve round here if he was expecting meat with every meal, actually, with any meals lol Well, maybe a couple of nights a month...

Denise in PA said...

I'm loving your reviews on the Pinterest food - I always love to find great new recipes! My hubby's the same way about meatless meals, but we actually had one last week and he was okay with it!


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