Sunday, January 12, 2014

Another nautical finish!

For my final finish of 2013 I have another Nautical baby quilt. Maybe nautical will be my thing?? I believe this is the 5th nautical quilt I've done!

My little sister has a friend having a baby boy and she asked me to remake this quilt that i had made for her daughter or this 2nd version I made on commission.  I really did not want to make the same quilt for the 3rd time so I started searching for another nautical quilt.

 I wasn't really finding anything so I adapted the "comin' down the tracks" quilt from the Cuddle Me Quick book.  The original looked like this:
I figure if I adapted the fabrics and changed the applique I could do it. I have an old Silhouette from my days scrapbooking and already had some nautical shapes. So I dusted it off and figured out how to cut fabric and here it is!!

 Thankfully there is an abundance of nautical fabrics right now. I couldn't decide between all of them! I think my favorite is this crabby fabric that I used on the back.

 You can really see the quilting in this next shot. I outlined the zig zags and then did some stippling in the border. I think it really accented the wavy/water fabric.

I had some extra burp cloths from a past client so I did up two little ones to go with this.

 I'm really thrilled with how it all came out. The applique was a lot of work, but I really love the results!!

 Quilt stats:
Quilt name: Nautical Applique
Fabrics: scrappy
Finished size: 34.5" x 40.5"
Finished: 12/28/13


Katy Cameron said...

Very cute, love the whales!

Newbie Jen said...

Super cute! Nautical being your thing might not be so bad, you are good at it.

Cheryl said...

What a fun quilt! I especially like the appliques you did on the border!

Cynthia said...

Cute! The appliqué is just darling!!

A.J. Dub. (Amy) said...

Very cute! I love those crabs too. :)

Pickletoes Quilts said...

That quilt is adorable! My oldest son is named Jonah (like Jonah and the whale), so we love all things nautical!

Anonymous said...

Looks awesome!

I love the whales, and those crabbies on the back are fantastic :D (And I barely like novelty prints. I kinda want that one though. Or just like... a single piece of it to stick completely incongruously in the middle of something.)

Sarah said...

Cute! Nautical is kind of an everlasting theme too. It's always popular and grows up with them. I've joined Instagram this year and you're welcome to see what I'm working on there. I'm at sarahkrothe. I'm off to find you over there now!

Unknown said...

I love this nautical quilt looking for something like that for our little boy coming in Oct!!


I love this nautical quilt..are you still taking orders of it ?


Oh wow I love this quilt do you take orders still ?


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