Friday, September 14, 2012

The powder room is finished!

Back in April of 2011 I posted about our horrible powder room downstairs. We had just moved into this house and had inherited this lovely bathroom. After many delays, it is finally finished so I have a few before and after photos to share!

Here it was in all it's glory. This is 3 of the 4 wallpapers that I had to strip from that wall.

The 4th was down here.

The update (disclosure - I have since gotten a wide angle lens and can get more of the room in the shot):

The wall color is Valspar Notre Dame from Lowe's.  I know Grey is trendy and I'll probably not like it in 10 yrs. But I had pink tile to deal with and the room outside this is the trendy dark red of the 90's which I'm not repainting just yet. And besides, the room is like 3'x5' so I can repaint it quickly! For now, I love it.

Here's the other side before.

And the update:

ahhh!! Country flowers be gone!

Here's a close up of my valance that I made.

The only thing not done is I want hubby to get shades for the window. It's an odd size window because it's pretty old and he hasn't liked anything I've picked up. So, that will be done eventually. For now I'm calling this room done!


Jessica Kelly said...

It looks great Becky! Bless you for dealing with all that wallpaper, that is the absolute worst!!

Anonymous said...

The grey is lovely. Trendy or not, it's a good neutral. It works with everything and is more interesting than white.

**nicke... said...

stunning transformation! those flowers were terrifying! ;) lovely work!

Katy Cameron said...

Sooo much better!

Denise in PA said...

Great job, Becky! Very elegant - well, as powder rooms go - LOL!

Cynthia said...

Very nice!

Tamie said...

This is so pretty. Thanks for sharing the paint color too. I just painted my kitchen/ keeping room and was going for grey with a tinge of blue. I got blue with a tinge of grey and my husband hates to paint so that it what it is. It really is a pretty color though.

felicity said...

It looks awesome! That wallpaper was....interesting!


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