Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Do.Good September

Amanda was in charge of our do.Good Stitches Bliss group for the month of September. She asked us to make scrappy Herringbone blocks from this tutorial.

The tutorial is well written and easy to follow. I didn't have a 6.5 x 24.5" ruler so I used my 12.5 square and that worked well. If I make another one  of these,  I would probably plan it a little more. I tried to just go scrappy as it came and wound up with some similar colors right next to each other that are not my favorite.

And for myself, I've cut into this little baby that's been hiding in my drawers. yummie!


Mrs A said...

Very nice! I have done something similar with jellyrolls, so easy to work with :)

Katy Cameron said...

I love the look of those scrappy blocks, a great way to use up fabric scraps for a cool overall look.

Looking forward to seeing what your neptune turns into!

Fabric Warrior (aka Amie) said...

Love the blocks. Great job! Now where are all my jelly rolls.... hehe

**nicke... said...

great blocks! xo


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