Wednesday, April 6, 2011

WIP Wednesday {21}

Another Wednesday to try and make sense of the mess in my sewing room!  I also just realized that I'm coming close to 100 posts. So keep checking in, I'll be doing a little giveaway for my 100th post to say thanks to all of you for reading and commenting on my little blog.
Finished this week:
My Make Mine Modern package wrapped in happy spring paper (i hope she doesn't think the paper is to juvenile). I'm calling it my Parisville package because I went a little nuts with the Parisville. I'll do a detailed post on what's in these packages once I've shipped it later this week.

The backing for my Postage Stamp Quilt. I think this is the first time I've backed a quilt in all one fabric. I'm probably going to save the quilting on this until our PMQG sewing day next week.
And can we all just take a moment to drool over this selvage? I mean really, look at all these colors!
In progress:
I started my  Sew Sweetness Sew Along dress. I love this fabric from Pat Bravo's Bazaar Style line. It is SO soft. Here's the bodice in progress. So far everything is coming together quickly and the directions are really good. I've hit a stumbling block with the skirt because it needs a lining. The pattern doesn't call for a lining so I'm improvising. But I think I've got a fix thanks to the helpful girls on our flickr group.
Currently my design wall is totally taken over my the Supernova Quiltalong. This hangs in my dining room and my husband had not said a word about it so I finally asked him what he thought. He said, "it's bright".  Hmmm... I think he better learn to like it because I'm considering hanging it in our great room wall. I've got a little shuffling to do within the blocks still. Plenty of time for that!
There has been a little side project that has come from the supernova blocks. During the piecing we've been getting a lot of tiny HSTs. I've been saving them and piecing them, and I think a little rainbow project is in the works.

I also pulled and cut my do.good stitches April blocks. I just have to make room on the design wall to lay it out and piece it.

I did another fabric combo for my PMQG pillow swap with the paper piecing block I showed last week. I've decided not to show photos of it until after the swap so it will be a surprise.

I also managed to get more curtains finished in our great room. Only the large bay window in there to do. Needless to say, I'm avoiding that. And then there was this problem when I tried to put the pattern away. Anyone have a solution to this issue? I can't get it back in!
New this week:
3x6 Bee - I'm searching and deciding on my block style.
Pretty {little} Pouch Swap -  This is still open for sign up until Friday if you want to join. I created my mosaic, but really, i haven't see a pouch I don't like yet in these flickr pools!
More curtains
boy burp cloths
amy butler bag

Total projects this week: 11

As usual, you can go see what everyone else is doing over at Lee's blog.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


Elizabeth Dackson said...

Yikes - folding patterns is like folding maps, to me, and I'm no good at either of them!! I love your pouch mosaic, so much fun. I'm looking forward to that swap :) Great job with your Supernova layout, it's looking fantastic!!!

CityHouseStudio said...

Wow, what lovely projects you have going on!
For patterns, I transfer all my pattern pieces to a 8 1/2 by 11 manila envelope, then cut out the front and back panels from the original pattern envelope and glue/tape these to the front and back of the manila envelope -- works well for me!

Linz said...

Everything looks so great! Love Supernova! And your dress is looking great! And yes - I was totally oogling the selvage on that fabric! SO many pretty colors!

Jacey said...

So much beauty! I love the Supernova, and your dress looks to be coming along really nicely! I think Michelle's idea about using manila envelopes is good; I typically use a large ziploc, but yes, those little envelopes feel awfully small once you've cut out the pattern pieces.

I'm in the pouch swap, too! I guess it would be crazy if we were partners again, no?

Kelly @ Vintage Fabric Studio said...

you have been busy! love that super nova, the rainbow colors are outstanding!

Dee said...

Wow, and I thought I was busy! Love the Super Nova quilt! It's brilliant and so happy!

Live a Colorful Life said...

Wow you have gotten so much done. Supernova looks awesome!

Bree said...

Your dress is going to be beautiful! I really like that fabric, even more now that I see how it's going to come together.

Your Supernova blocks are great too. It's going to be so fun & bright.

Jessica Kelly said...

Everything looks so great! I'm also doing the sew along, you are much farther ahead than I am, and it looks great! Awesome WIPs

Kerstin said...

I can't wait to see the finished dress, it's going to be fabulous!

Amy said...

I love the supernova blocks.

Marlene @ KISSed Quilts . com said...

cherry supernova coming along! Nice!!

Lee said...

Your Supernova is Fab.U.Lous! Everything here looks great. Can't wait to see your finished dress.

Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday! : )

Riel Nason said...

Love, love the bright colours in the Supernova!!

felicity said...

Wow you've been busy and productive! I absolutely 100% adore your Supernova quilt.

I don't bother trying to refold patterns. It never, ever works even when I *know* I've refolded on the right lines. Like trying to put toothpaste back in a tube.

Dawnmarie's Life said...

Love the colors in your Supernova.

Sarah @ FairyFace Designs said...

Wow, you've been so busy! Loving your Supernova block and your dress fabric. And your mosaic is gorgeous, makes me want to join up! On the pattern front, I have an A4 binder with clear pockets and once I've opened a pattern I fold it as best I can and store it in one of the pockets with the pattern sleeve facing out. I find that works best as I can never get them back in the envelope!

Diane said...

That salvege is amazing... and your supernova looks great!

A.J. Dub. (Amy) said...

My tissue patterns graduate to a gallon ziploc bag. You can punch holes in the sides and keep them in a d ring binder or just lay them in a drawer. I hate tissue patterns. :P

Your dress looks like it is going to be darling! Supernova is super!

Leanne said...

Lovely work, love your dress fabric and the supernova blocks are wonderful.


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