Wednesday, January 5, 2011

WIP Wednesday 2011 version

The fabric for my daughters quilt has been cut up. All except for the border to make it bigger. I'm glad I haven't cut that because now the size of her big girl bed is under debate. Anyone have a toddler? What size bed did you start them out on? We have a full size bed already and are debating if that's going to be too big and freak her out.
Anyway - the core of the quilt will be big enough for a twin if I leave the border off. So I'm not sweating that the fabric is cut. I've been keeping it in a nice big shirt box so it doesn't get shuffled with all the boxes being packed for the move in progress.
I thought it was pretty clever.

I saw these cute little owl pincushions in the current issue of International Quilt Festival Scene and decided to make them. I wasn't thinking. I got the bodies made and guess where they are now?
That's right, the two year old LOVES them. She's sleeping with them, dragging them around the house, you name it.  The one thing she doesn't do is eat with them because then they would "get all yucky". Smart kid.
So, even if I finish that project I can't use them as pin cushions.
My Parisville has been cut and I'm starting to assemble it.
This is one gigantic quilt! I decided to go with Elizabeth's 12+2=Q quilt. It's meant to be queen, but I upsized it to king. More on that later, I should have it done this week.

So my question this week is about cleaning. Since I spent all day yesterday cleaning the new house (still not sure about the carpet since it was wet when I left) I'm curious about everyone's cleaning habits. How do you control your threads? I have threads from my fabrics all over the place. They are like a little army spreading out to conquer my house! Its worse now that I work on hardwood floor and the carpet doesn't catch them. Is this just me? What's the status at your place? Any tips on controlling the thread monsters?


Elizabeth Dackson said...

Love, love, love that Parisville quilt! That's one of my favorite lines right now. And for my munchkin, when we moved him into a big boy bed last fall, we moved him to a twin size bed. We debated it to death, the whole twin vs full, because his crib converted to a full size bed. Ultimately, we decided to go with a twin after taking him mattress shopping and seeing him look so tiny in a full size bed. He's perfectly happy in his twin, there's plenty of room for us to climb in to read bedtime stories. I think things will be fine either way you go. Good luck making that choice! :)

A.J. Dub. (Amy) said...

I love the pink fabric in your daughter's quilt. Great idea for the box. My mom gets free unused pizza boxes to keep her projects in. Our pizza place won't cooperate. :)

All our kids (4) have been different as far as beds go. If you do go with the full, placing just the mattress on the floor might help lessen anxiety. I think we did toddler beds to start them all though. I think it keeps them more comfortable since they are on the same mattress they have been on for a while.

As far as threads, I sweep a lot and use the carpet sweeper or a sticky roller before I vacuum since thread can jam and burn up your vacuum. But there is always thread somewhere. :)

Kim said...

Those owl pincushions are adorable!

We started our toddler on a twin mattress on the floor. A full would have been nice though, for those times that I had to lie down next to him when he had trouble getting back to sleep. I don't think a bigger bed would have been too intimidating, it's more space to play when your kiddo is awake :)

Lane said...

I am amazed that you can still sew this close to a move. Good on you for being at least that relaxed. We've given up controlling the snips of thread. My family accepts that we are perpetually grabbing thread snips off one another in restaurants. We have gone to using an old vacuum in the sewing room so the threads don't wrap around the beater bar. Lane

Anonymous said...

With my daughter we went to a toddler bed...but with my son straight from the crib to a twin, because we had to utilize bunks, due to lack of rooms in our apartment for the kids. I put him in the bottom bunk...but he would climb up to the top and jump down at 2 years old! He's never been afraid of much.

I just moved my 9 year old to a full size bed, because it was given to us, it's nice...she's looking forward to a sleepover soon. =)

Love your fabric selections.

Lee said...

The Parisville quilt will be amazing, I can't wait. I just love this line. I have the full FQ set, still debating what to do with it.

My daughter moved to full-size bed when she was just a few months past two. She looked such a little peanut in it, it was hilarious. : ) But now she's 4 and she's definitely already grown into it just fine. She had no trouble with the transition to the big bed, but she's always been a surprisingly flexible kid. We did have those guard rail things on it until she was at least three. (And she still managed to somehow roll out of bed on at least one occasion!)

Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday, have a great week!

Emily said...

The box idea is such a good one, even if you aren't moving! I have several tops I work on at a time and that added with a cat that loves playing with fabric as much as I do makes things confusing. Thanks for the great idea to keep it all straight!

Diane said...

Wonderful collection! I can't belive you are making such progress in the middle of a move! Ugh, makes me twitch thinking about it!

Both my girls moved into twin beds then into full when they were about 5th grade. I agree with the comment that putting it on the floor should help any anxiety.

Melanie said...

I am so impressed by all of your progress in the middle of a move! I can barely function as it is! I love the fabrics you have picked for your daughter's quilt and of course the Parisville! I can't wait to see your completes!

Becky said...

Love your daughter's quilt! I have 2 boys, so anything pink is lovely to me! We did a twin, and a full, mattress and futon, both on the floor. I don't think it really matters. Use what you got, or what's on sale... No help here with thread. I just try to throw it away after each sewing session. Seems to work... I tried one of those "bags" that hang from the table, but didn't' like it. Other friends of mine use paper lunch sacks that have had the top half or so cut off...


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