Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Clamshell and Whale

**This quilt is now for sale in my Etsy shop**

The next in my series of clamshell/wave quilts is Mr. Whale. For this one I went back to the coral color palate because I still had plenty of this fabric left to use.

Not much to say about this one. It's very similar to the last one, here's a close up of Mr. Whale and the quilting. It was again free motion on my domestic Bernina.

For the back I found lots of cool stash prints to use.

Here's a close up of the fabrics within the clamshell waves:

The binding is scrappy, made from the prints within the clamshells.

And my label is pieced in the back as usual.

If you know anyone who would like this quilt, it is listed in my Etsy shop.

Quilt stats:
Quilt name: Clamshells and Whale
Pattern: original design
Fabrics: stash
Finished size: approx 50" by 60"
Finished: August 2016


Lindsay said...

I'm so impressed with your quilting on our tiny machine! Just thinking about it gives me anxiety but I know I just need to start practicing and it will get easier/better. Any tips for dealing with the small throat space?

Denise in PA said...

Another winner! Mr. Whale is adorable - I love his smile! o:)

Laura said...

I've been planning a clamshell quilt for a friend's new baby, and I've been totally overwhelmed by it. But I love your versions! They seem more doable than an all over clamshell. Thanks For the inspiration!

Havplenty said...

What a lovely quilt. The quilting is great. I would love to do a clamshell quilt in my quilt future projects.

Afton Warrick said...

I love the whale. Great fabrics, colors, quilting....It's the total package!


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