Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pinterest Report #1

Do you Pinterest? I'm totally addicted. You can follow me here if you are interested.

One thing I'm always curious about is whether people do the things they've pinned and how they turned out. So I thought I'd start doing some posts on the things I've done because of Pinterest and how they turned out. Hopefully you all will find this interesting.

First up, Kids Stuff:

From she used water beads and a variety of cups and toys in a large bin as a sensory bin for kids. I go the water beads from and my daughter (3 yrs old) LOVED this. I put some small turtles in there, measuring cups, spoons and cups and she was busy for hours! And you get tons of water beads in a package so we can definitely do it again. I would highly recommend this activity.

Then I found these letter sheets here.

These were also a huge hit and I highly recommend them.

As for food and recipes, I've made quite a few things. I have a board where I put the recipes I've tried and my reviews. You can seem them all here.

This week I've done a few recipes that I haven't transferred yet. Crockpot bread was first.

The source is here. It worked very well and I had some really good bread. But I'm wondering about my crockpot! What was supposed to take 1 hour took 2 and I had the crockpot set on high. Maybe my high and lows are backwards? I've always had problems with my crockpot scorching food so it was strange that it took too long. I will definitely do it again though.

Last night I made this one, braised short ribs...

The link goes here. It was SO yummie. Again, me and my crockpot don't agree and I had to turn it off early. But everything came out wonderfully despite my equipment.

And at the moment I have sweet potatoes in the crock pot from this pin.

I'll let you know how that goes given my crock pot problems. They smell good though.

Are you pinning? I'd love to know what you've done from Pinterest!


Katy Cameron said...

Oh I pin loads of recipes, but have made very few of them. I've done more on the sewing front at least!

Denise in PA said...

Great blog fodder! I'm going to check out your pins. I just made crock pot braised short ribs and they were amazing. I need to know - did your plate look like that - LOLOL!

Katie B said...

Love this idea! I have made several recipes I've pinned, with mixed results. But I really need to get in the habit of going back and looking at my pins! I know there's some good stuff in there that I've forgotten about!

barbara woods said...

love that and i pinned

SplendidlyImperfect said...

How old is your crock pot? I ask because I swear they had a few bad years in there for a while with those "smart pots." Smart my foot. Mine burned EVERYTHING. The longer I owned it, the worse it got. I finally put it in the Goodwill pile. I keep meaning to buy a new, NOT digital one, but I can't find one I like.

Beth said...

I love to pin and I LOVE the recipes. I have found some excellent ones that I have made multiple times. I also have a I made it and loved it board. Not so good about moving them but loved that idea. I am going to check out your boards! Now I just need to work on the quilts I've pinned!

**nicke... said...

im totally following you now. i love pinterest!

Jessica Kelly said...

So great to hear reviews of things that have been "pinned"! I've been looking to try that crockpot bread, but haven't given it a go yet, I'll be adding it to my list now!

Angie said...

I am also obsessed -- you repin some great links!


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