Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WIP Wednesday 2/8 - still waiting around

Well, another week and still no baby. That means I've still been plugging along in the sewing room. It's a good distraction and a lot easier on the body than cleaning. :)

Here's what is new this week:

I started a Retro Flowers wall hanging for Samantha's room. I have loved this quilt pattern since I first saw it. And we just got the 'big girl' furniture for her room which left some bare walls. I have a bit of fabric left over from her bed quilt so I'm using them to make a small version of this quilt to hang in there. These blocks are fairly time consuming with a lot of cutting and squaring but totally worth it!

Still in progress:

I decided to end the X block creation and pieced all of them together. This is probably the busiest quilt I've ever made. I want to do a solid double border on this to calm it down. I probably won't get out to the LQS until after the baby though so this is temporarily done.

I also started piecing my scrappy hourglass blocks into larger blocks. That way it won't be a nightmare of hundreds of little blocks when I finally finish the individual blocks. And I can also get a sense of how big it is becoming. The trick is making these blocks random. I seemed to be pulling all the same colors!

I finished putting together all the quarter square triangles for my version of this Red Pepper Quilt.  I used all the charms from Kati's Color Wheel Charm Swap.  I'm sure mine is going to be much smaller than the RPQ version. Now I need to decide on the layout. Here's my first pass. What do you think? Should I mix up all the colors? Right now it's just hurting my eyes.

And lastly, I've been attempting machine applique on my Dresdens. It looks okay, but I might still give hand applique a try and see if I like it better. Once I get a few done I'll do a few layouts of sashing options.

Waiting for quilting:
Double Wedding Ring
Kitchen Windows

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Elizabeth Dackson said...

You might think it's busy, but I really, really love your X block quilt! The colors are super fab and I love the strips of white unifying the blocks and giving the eye a place to rest! Glad to hear you're still feeling well, but I can't wait to see some baby news from you :)

Katy Cameron said...

Whew, you've been so busy this week it's a good job the baby didn't come! I have the pattern for the retro flowers, and the templates are winging their way to me at the moment, can't wait to give them a go.

The rest of your makes look fab too!

Julie said...

I just LOVE the X block! It's so beautiful! I think the orange is kind of intense in the QST quilt and that might be the problem. I love all the blocks though. Maybe try to mix 'em up and take a picture and see which is better.

Linz said...

Wow! Everything looks great!! I love those retro flowers too! That pattern is definately on my bucket list! And so it that X pattern! Yours looks incredible!

Good luck with the baby!

Jessica Kelly said...

I am in love with your x strings quilt! I think the double border idea sounds great, it will sure be a stunner when its finished :-) i would maybe try and switch up the colors in the HST quilt just to see what it looks like. LOVE your retro flowers block, it is seriously one of my favs...I need to get back to working on mine! Here's hoping the baby makes an appearance soon!!

Kelsey said...

WOW! Everything looks great - I love that X Strings quilt :) Such beautiful work!

A.J. Dub. (Amy) said...

You are smart to get some of those hourglass blocks put together.
Love the x block quilt. Such great colors!
One thing I heard from about those Dresden's is that starching the heck out of the fabrics can be helpful.

Good luck with the baby! Hope all goes well. :)

Laura said...

These all look so lovely that I just keep scrolling up and down the post to keep looking! The X-block patterns all go together so well that it doesn't look busy to me, just really well-coordinated.

I'm complete sucker for anything with rainbows, so your colour wheel one looks A-MAZ-ING to me. Personally, I like things in colour order, and your eye is continually pulled around and around, and there's just something so pleasing about it. But I am a librarian and like things to be in the right order!

Claire Jain said...

I'm loving that scrappy hourglass!

SplendidlyImperfect said...

I'm generally not a fan of purple, but that x-block quilt is freaking GORGEOUS. I don't think it's too busy at all. It all works so well, and it's so pretty!

**nicke... said...

i love the explosion of color from all of your projects! they are all so great! i really love the x block quilt so much. i am really in love with it really... and your scrappy hourglass is going to be so great! and i really like the way your charm swap quilt is looking... a lot. if you don't you could always change it up and see if there is a different layout that doesn't hurt your eyes. it isn't hurting mine, quite the contrary really.

felicity said...

Loving it all especially your RPQ quilt. I am heavily leaning toward getting my bee ladies to make me those blocks! I think the colourwheel/colourwash arrangement is very cool.

Chelsea said...

Wow, you've been busy! I love the x block quilt, I think it's perfect as is.


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