Sunday, February 5, 2012

Free Motion Quilt Challenge February

Well, we must be getting closer to baby time because I'm starting to swell like a tick! Doctor says all is normal though so I'm plugging along.

The Free Motion Quilt Challenge has been perfect for me at this point. Small sized projects that don't take a huge amount of time. So I decided to attempt February's Challenge at Sew Cal Gal yesterday.

First off, the changes I made in my machine. I put my tension all the way down instead of up.

And I had heard from several sources (Pink Chalk Fabrics, Bunny Hill Designs, Sue Nickels - thanks Pat for loaning me the DVD!) that Microtex needles were the best to use for quilting. So I hopped over to Joann's and picked up a pack to try.

It seems to have made a difference. I started with some stippling to see what my stitches looked like.

The verdict was good! The stitches are much nicer. I think the microtex might be my go to needle for everything. Once I use up all the quilting needles I've stocked up on during sales - whoops!

So then I decided to try the feather challenge for February. Here's my first attempt.

Kinda wobbly, and some of my petals look more like whale heads than flower petals! I also have to work on my stopping and starting. I had some jumps where I thought the machine was stopped by it hadn't quite stopped yet. But overall, I'm okay with this as a first try. I will definitely give it another shot.

The feather tutorial from Diane Gaudynski was very good. I don't know how often I'll use this motif in my quilting, but I appreciate having the knowledge to make them. Definitely need to practice more. Go check out the tutorial and try it yourself!


SplendidlyImperfect said...

My mom used to be fond of telling us as kids that we should feel sorry for ticks, because they can't poop. Obv. this is not true, but still. Who says that?

MC said...

Came out really good for a first try!

Katy Cameron said...

Yay for finding small projects you can work on, looking good :o)

felicity said...

I'd say that attempt is well beyond "okay" - way to go! (Sorry to hear about the swelling - yuck).

Susanne said...

: ( bummer about the swelling....but YEAY for almost not being pregnant any more ; D

I used microtex sharp too : )

**nicke... said...

i am going to have to try those needles out too! i was a little bummed to see you posting projects and not a baby today. you hadn't posted in a few days so i was hoping you had a baby on the outside now!
i plumped up like a tic too. it was so fun to see the bones in my hands and feet again after it all went down. i will be thinking of you and hoping he comes out soon!


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