Wednesday, November 2, 2011

WIP Wednesday 11-2-11: The no power edition

We were one of the lucky northeasterners without power from Saturday to Monday this weekend.  It was quite an adventure and I've learned where I can get free wifi (ahem McDonalds, the library). Because when you are a blog addict, it's hard to be totally cut off from your computer for 3 days! It was also hard not to be able to use my sewing machine. But I did get a lot of cutting done!

The first thing I finished was all the center pieces for my Double Wedding Ring! Now I'm finally ready to start piecing everything.

All the pieces for my baby boy quilt are also all cut and ready to be pieced.

But what I worked on most is my baby's 1st year album. The thing that took me the longest was finding all my supplies since they were packed for the move and never really unpacked. It felt like every step I got to required another tool that I had to find! I'm about 3/4 of the way done now and then I can clean off my sewing table for more sewing.

Of course we are going on vacation next week and I'm taking my sewing machine in for service at the same time. So it will be quiet around here once the machine goes in. But before that, I hope to get some small projects and bee blocks cleared off my table.

Finished earlier this week:
Diaper bag
Charity Quilt for PMQG

WIPs I didn't get to this week:
do.Good Stitches November
nursery decorating
X quilt

As usual - check out the linky party over at Freshly Pieced and add your WIP's to the list!


Linz said...

Ooo - I can't wait to see the double wedding ring!! Cool!

Sometimes it's good to just get the cutting done. It takes so much work. SOrry about losing power!! Yuck!

I am sure your baby book is gorgeous!

Katy Cameron said...

Sometimes no power can be helpful to concentrate the mind on other things! Hope you're enjoying your power again now :o)

**nicke... said...

hope you stayed warm with no power! bbbbrrrr!

Jessica Kelly said...

Love the looks of your DWR! Can't wait to see more :-)

Marci Girl said...

You are so impressive! You got so much done! That baby book is going to be fabulous!

KellyS said...

Your baby boy quilt looks amazing! I can't wait to see more of it! Yay for you working on your baby's first year album. My boys are 2.5 and I have only a few pages done for their album. I have 700 some pictures printed off for a mega collage each month, I just haven't got a chance to work on it. And now I have my baby girl too... yikes!

Katie B said...

You got a lot done considering you lost power!

Annaliese said...

ummm ya so you got way more than I did, and I had power. You go Becky! LOVE the colors in your double ring quilt... can't wait to see more :)

Unknown said...

Sorry about the power but you got a lot of cutting done, and much more than me period and I did have power!

Jacey said...

Ugh, what a drag to be without power for three days! Sorry to hear that, but at least you used your time wisely!


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