Thursday, December 22, 2011

PMQG Angel Swap

Tuesday night was our December Philly Modern Quilt Guild Meeting and we had our Holiday Angel Swap. The month prior we had all picked names of the person we would make for and on with their name they had put a couple items they would love to receive.

I drew Anna who asked for a Christmas Ornament and a pincushion. Would you believe I forgot to take photos of what I made!?  I made her one of these ornaments. They are really easy and highly addictive and I've made several for our tree too. Her ornament was white and green with a red ribbon on it. Here is one of mine which I have hanging on my china cabinet.

I also made her my favorite pincushion, the Weighted Pincushion Organizer from Elizabeth Hartman on Sew Mama Sew. Another pattern that I highly recommend. I made Anna's version out of Central Park fabrics so it's bright and cheery. Still can't believe I didn't photograph it!

And the sweet Michelle (I don't think she has a blog) got me and totally spoiled me!! I had asked for a needlebook and an apron. Here's what she came up with. Sorry for the bad photos, we haven't seen the sun in a few days here!

She made me a half apron (which a goofy pic of me posing with it will probably pop up on PMQG soon). It's hard to tell, but it's purple and green, one of my favorite color combos!

And she made me a travel sewing kit AND a needle book. They both use the most adorable fabrics with buttons, scissors and sewing machines.  She even put notions in them.

And then she added these guys in.

I'm super excited to try those pens. I had heard about them, but never bought them. When you iron them, the lines disappear off your fabric. And the Binding clips are SO useful. My 3 yr old likes to help when I do binding and my clips are always disappearing. 

Thank you so much Michelle, I love it all!

Then I had an unexpected surprise from my friend Denise.  She made me these adorable burp cloths for the baby on the way. They are made with Lilly and Will which is one of my favorite lines.

Now I definitely have to get cracking on some more bibs. These are so cute!! Thanks Denise!


**nicke... said...

wow becky, you did get spoiled! how fun! i have heard about those pens. i need to get some. maybe santa will put some in my stocking!

Denise in PA said...

You are very welcome - I really enjoyed making the bibs for your little one (well, except for the parts where the backing was giving me fits - LOL) Didn't we all get great stuff? I am continually amazed at the talent in our group! You really should do a workshop on making those ornaments - they are very beautiful. Oh, and you will love those Frixion pens! Hugs!

Jacey said...

Next year, I'll have to try that ornament. I love the way they look! You got lots of goodies, and those bibs are adorable. I especially love the brown one!

Katy Cameron said...

Aww, what a nice collection of pressies, enjoy!

Marci Girl said...

What a bunch of nice really sweet gifts! Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas!


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