Friday, February 4, 2011

More bee blocks and the problem with swaps.

I put together my blocks for the do. Good Stitches charity bee. These were really fast and fun to put together. I may need to put together a quilt for myself with some of these. Since they are essentially scrappy HST's there are a ton of layout possibilities.

So I've also realized the problem with swaps. Every time I order fabric for my swap projects I have to order some for me! I went to my LQS the other day just to get felted wool. I walked out with these too.

Going into the fabric store for just one thing is like going to the grocery store for milk when you are hungry. You aren't just walking out with your milk. You're going out with a full cart!  Anyone else have this problem?

Also curious what people think about these heavier weight fabrics (i guess it's a linen blend) like the Ruby Star Rising above. Is it okay to mix with quilt-weight cotton?  I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. I love the prints though.


Georgia said...

It is a problem! But what great fabrics :) Where do you go? Doylestown?

Elizabeth Dackson said...

It is just like going to the grocery store for a gallon of milk! I love what you picked up :) And I've mixed linen with quilting cotton before, without any trouble. I love those Ruby Star Rising prints!

Anonymous said...

I wish my LQS had cool stuff like these! And no, I've never had a problem mixing home dec, linen, and cotton all in one quilt. Check out Oh Fransson's latest posts. She's doing an entire quilt in Echino linen and Kona. The only thing I find is the pucker is a little different after quilting. Make sure you wash them before cutting them. The linen shrinks waaaay more than cotton.

Lee said...

So true about going into the fabric store for just one thing. : ) As far as mixing fabrics, Far Far Away II is about the same weight as Ruby Star Rising (I have both and can't tell the difference between them). I used FFA2 in my Urban Lattice quilt (which is now finished! Blogging about it tomorrow!) and it worked just fine.


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