Friday, February 18, 2011

Curtain battle #1

I decided to tackle my master bathroom curtains first. The window previously looked like this.

EEEKKK! Right?  This had to go right away. Not to mention, that fabric was some kind of awful shiny slippery fabric that really skeeved me out!

It's a nice small window so I figured I could handle it no problem without a pattern. The idea was to hang two panels. Simple right?  Things I've learned:  Measure, measure and measure again. Then - measure again. Oh, and make sure your curtain rod is hung before you measure.

I didn't know how to estimate fabric so I guessed. I guessed wrong. Once I cut into it, I knew I didn't have enough for two panels. Thankfully it seems one panel is big enough. Here's my end result.

Amazingly the length is okay and the width works.  Pure luck.
I think two panels would have been too much fabric. It's a little darker than I expected. That's the problem with ordering over the internet and not seeing it in person. So it doesn't let as much light through as I'd like. So I'm still considering cutting it and making it a valance and just hanging sheers underneath.

What do you think? Either way - this is good enough for now while I get other house projects done.

I've since found this website to estimate curtain fabric. I'm hoping it worked because I just ordered some kitchen curtain fabric too. Seriously, I'm swimming in curtain fabric.

Oh, and just a little PSA - don't let your teenager paint your house. I'm assuming this is what happened here. There is paint all over the trim and the ceiling throughout the bathroom. Nails were painted over and fixtures on the wall were not removed. ugh.

So, we'll add that to the "to-do" list also! I'm getting to be a good house painter. Guess it's a skill I can fall back on if I need a job.

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Jacey said...

Your curtains (or is curtain more appropriate?) look fabulous!


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