Saturday, March 8, 2014

blocks and fabric

Last weekend I was lucky enough to get together with a couple of quilting friends for a sewing day. It was great to chat and catch up with them!

Our main objective was to work on our charity blocks for PMQG. As a group, we put together a quilt that we donate to the school that hosts our meeting. They then raffle or auction it off to raise funds.  This year we decided to do HST Blocks. Here are mine:

The parameters were that we needed to use 4 hst's per block with the print fabric and then the celery green. We could add whatever prints/solids we wanted. Cathy's blocks:

And Denise's blocks:

And I to confess, I've done a little bit of fabric buying. This is why I fail at diets and just eliminating things from my life. Once I open that door a tiny crack, the waves of weakness come crashing in and I just gorge myself!  You know what I mean? You say no sweets, then you have cake at a party, then why not some ice cream. Next thing you know, you've bought some sweets for the house and you're late night snacking. No? Just me? 

Well, I was trying to behave with the fabric buying and had to buy some solids for a background.  Guess what jumped in my cart?

That's a FQ Bundle of Sphere by Zen Chic...  I was just going to order a couple prints. REALLY!  But I couldn't decide. I don't think there is a print in this line that I don't like.  Sigh...  I've never bought an FQ bundle before so I have to say it was very exciting to get this. I won't be unwrapping it for a while.

And then a couple days later I got notice that this was coming.

I forgot that I signed up for the Kawaii Fabric Club at Pink Chalk Fabrics. OMG! How cute are those penguins and hedgehogs!? Every piece in this stack is adorable. I've provided the link in case you want to sign up too.  Yup, I'm enabling in order to drag you in to my spiral! LOL


Katy Cameron said...

Looks like a fun sewing day was had by all! Loving the accidental acquisitions. Nope, no idea what you're talking about there... *ahem*

Cheryl said...

I love Sphere too! I have been able to resist buying all of it so far but I do not know how long that will last.

Anonymous said...

It's been hard, but so far I've been avoiding Sphere! I LOVE the combination of colours.

Sherri said...

Just wanted to check to see if you knew you had won the giveaway on my blog...send me an email, so I can be sure you get your information.

Thanks and congrats!


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