Sunday, February 24, 2013

Happenings in my world

Well, I wish I could say I am at Quiltcon, but I'm far from it. Interviewing for a new job has been top on my list. But that doesn't mean there hasn't been any sewing going on. I'm binding up an almost finish....

I received some great blocks for the 4x5 bee. I'm just waiting on one to arrive.
From the top #1 is mine, 2: Suzy 3:Lindsey, 4: Cathy, 5: Wendy

I spent a great day sewing with some PMQG buddies. Well, I didn't do any sewing, but I got a hand quilting lesson and did some cutting and cutting and cutting.

I got some crochet lessons from my mother in law and she gave me this little booklet circa 1959. Makes me feel like Betty Draper (without all the gorgeousness! haha!).

And I'm working on this quilt.

and this quilt.

And Tuesday is the next PMQG meeting - YAY!


Jenniffier said...

What pretty project you have going on right now. Can't wait to see them come together.

Katy Cameron said...

Looking forward to seeing all those finished :o) Was the crochet book for kids? Otherwise I'm a bit worried about those adults that don't know their alphabets ;o) Hope the job hunt goes well!


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