Monday, January 3, 2011

Unexpected finish

Last night I finished a quilt that had dropped off my radar. I pieced this quilt in May of last year using scraps from my very first quilt. This was the 3rd quilt I had made with these fabrics and I was sick of looking at them. They still aren't my favorite. What can I say, it was my first quilt!?
Pat Sloan was doing a New Year's Eve UFO Busting party and I got inspired to dust this one off and finish it. After all, it was pieced and fully basted just waiting to be quilted. And I have a baby shower this weekend for a woman having a girl so it was good timing. 
Sorry these photos aren't the greatest. It's actually sunny out, but not enough that the indoor are bright enough for good pictures.
I'm so glad I did this. I encourage you to finish any unfinished quilts you have laying around. This used to stress me out every time I moved it to get to something else. Now it is done and ready to be gifted! Wohoo! I have no more UFO's! How about you?
Some quilt stats:
Pattern: Baby Crackers by Alex Anderson
Fabrics: no idea!
Measurement: 38"x38"
Timeframe: 5/10 - 1/11 (yikes!)


Elizabeth Dackson said...

Very pretty! Good for you for polishing off a UFO. I can totally relate to your fabric taste changing, mine has changed a lot over this year. And um, yes, I most certainly have a few UFOs sitting around. The one that sits on my mind the most is the queen sized 9-patch quilt I started last year, before I realized that it was a little too traditional and old-fashioned for my liking.

Kristie said...

This is so cute! These aren't my usual color ranges either, but it looks fabulous all together. I love the pattern!

Brittany said...

I love the pattern! And the colors are so soft it makes you just want to curl up in it!

Becky said...

Are you joking?!? I have too many UFO's to count! But I love the quilt! Purple and green are my 2 favorite colors!! Great choices! Thanks for sharing!

Quiltstory said...

Really really cute! Good work for finishing it too, I really like the fabrics myself, pink, green and brown are always great together!!


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