Friday, April 10, 2015

Cuddle Monsters

A while back I bought this adorable pattern from my LQS intending to make one for my son. It's called Cuddle Monsters and is by WhistlePig Creek.

I made it for him for Christmas and never posted any photos of it. Mostly because he was unimpressed and won't wear it. He opened the box and said, "There's nothing in here"!! Ah - way to break a momma's heart. I get it though, he's 3, he wanted toys....

However.... My daughters eyes got wide with longing!  She requested a pink and green monster.

I actually already had these flannels on hand and had planned to make pajamas. But since I don't really like garmet sewing, this was the perfect excuse NOT to make them!

She loves her monster, I let her pick the scales, ears and eyes so it really is her monster. The flannel makes them nice and snuggly too.

My sister saw them and put in a request for a friend of hers. She requested her's be blue and red. (and my daughter generously modeled for me)

This one I only used flannel on the inside for the snuggle factor.

This one is now living with it's new owner who seemed a bit more excited than my son did when he received his.

If I can ever get a picture of him in his, I'll be sure to post it. I used minky for the inside of his and I think I'm still cleaning the fuzz off my sewing room floor!

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