Saturday, April 6, 2013

Decision making - would love your opinion...

So as we quilters are known to do, I'm dropping all my projects and working on what I'm most excited about. I want to make this Ornate Mini Quilt from the Sometimes Crafter for my office.

I'm actually struggling with colors. I usually have a starting point, but our office is being re-done shortly into neutral colors. So I can do whatever I want. I hit up Design Seeds which is my favorite place for color inspiration and pulled a few options. I think one is emerging as a favorite, but I'd love to know which you like best. Most of them I didn't pull all colors because you don't really need a lot of colors for this quilt.

Option 1 inspiration palette:
My fabric pull:

Option 2 inspiration:

My fabric pull:

 Option 3:

My Fabric pull:

 Option 4:
Fabric pull:

hmm... looking at these, I'm not sure I like any of my fabric pulls. lol. I think I'm definitely over thinking this one. Anyway, here's the poll. Let's see what you think! If you have another color idea, please post in the comments.


Katy Cameron said...

Phew, glad to see I went with the majority for a change lol

Lee said...

I love Option 3! : )

Patti said...

I love option #3, and was happy to see it's a popular choice!

Jessica Kelly said...

love option 3!!

Julie said...

"Dropping all projects to do what is most exciting" - that is a sentiment we know all to well. Entertaining post with the choices!

Tricia said...

I voted for option 3 but really like 4 too. I keep meaning to bring in a quilt or 2 to hang on the wall but never remember. And maybe one or 2 lap quilts in case I get cold. Lol!

Sophie Belle Designs said...

ooops I'm out on a limb with my fav :)


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