Friday, February 15, 2013

A Tova Top

I finally jumped on the Tova bandwagon and got the digital pattern. One thing I wasn't prepared for was the work involved prepping a digital pattern. I should have taken a photo, but I didn't get a chance. Just to put the pattern together is 26 pages printed out and taped together. It's a bit of a process. Just the paper taping took me one Umi Zoomi Episode. For those of you without little ones, that is 24 minutes. But sometimes you gotta do it - you know, since the paper pattern is sold out.

I decided to make mine out of Kona cotton instead of muslin since I had a coupon that made it basically as cheap as muslin. And I recommend checking out this sew along at Very Kerry Berry. She's got lots of great tips to help make the process easier. And she talks about different modifications. I wanted to do the long sleeves she mentioned, but forgot when I cut the pattern. Slick right?

Anyway, here is my final shirt (ignore the faces, I haven't gotten the hang of self portraits!).

It's pretty good. I definitely want to make another one in voile. The 100% cotton is a little stiff for my liking and feels a bit like a maternity shirt. Maybe that's just me?  Anyway, I think the voile would be a lot more flattering. And maybe this will soften after a few washes?

The one thing I did have issues with is the neckline. Remember when I posted about my needle breaking? I was working on this top at the time and it turns out that I had a pin in my way. When you pin the tow plackets together in one direction, then you sew the other direction and you can't see the pins beneath it. Yeah, that's when I sewed over my pin. I didn't realize when I pulled out the pins that the placket shifted. You can see the result in this close up. It's the part at the bottom of the open neckline.

Totally not worth fixing, but worth noting for the next one!


Katie said...

very nicely done -- I have that same photo issue (self portriat or not).

Lindsay said...

Very cute! Have you heard that Amy Butler is releasing some of her prints in voile and other garment fabrics? My buying impulse is really being tested!

Jan said...

It's darling. I bet voile would be great, especially for the summer.

Denise in PA said...

It looks great! I was thinking the same thing - it will probably get softer after a few washes. And, is it red or pink? In each photo it looks different!

Katy Cameron said...

I swear some garment pattern designers are actually contortionists for their day jobs ;o) Glad you got it worked out though :o)


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