Friday, November 23, 2012

Color Wheel Quilt finish

I hope all of you here in the States with me had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Ours was full of fun and food. So grateful for my little family.

This quilt has been on my "to-make" list for a long time. Since I've been on a fabric diet I figured this was the perfect time to raid my stash and finally get it done! Not sure if that's really logical, but it was in my mind!

This pattern comes from the book Last Minute Patchwork and Practical Gifts by Joelle Hoverson. And it is so much easier than it looks!

The part that takes the longest is picking out your fabrics. To me, that's the most fun!

One thing I did struggle with was the quilting. I thought about doing circular quilting but knew there were a few "bubbles" in the color part that weren't going to be the most flat. So I stuck with the straight line that I've seen most people do.

The center was the challenge. When I started, I was going all in one direction, one line after the next. All the fabric was being pushed into the center and I wound up with a huge ball in the center. What wound up working for me was to start in the center a few times and do a bunch of lines in a few different directions to smooth down all the fabric. It came out pretty good!

Now I just need to put a sleeve on the back so I can hang this in our great room. I think it will go perfect over the kids toy shelf.

Quilt stats:
Size: 56"x 56"
Pattern: Joelle Hoverson, Last Minute Practical Patchwork and Gifts
Quilted by: Myself
Finished: 11/12/12


Katie B said...

Becky! This is awesome. LOVE the quilting! I'm trying not to buy fabric, but all the sales today are so tempting!

Jan said...

Becky, it's just really fabulous. Kudos on a great job.

SplendidlyImperfect said...

Each one is better than the last! I adore this!

Denise in PA said...

So glad I got to see this in person! I wanna make one!!! o:)

Ginny said...

Came over from Flickr--love this! Great finish!It is one that is on my to do list and what a great way to use stash!

Katy Cameron said...

Yay, it looks great, well raided!

Fabric Warrior (aka Amie) said...

Awesome job. Love the fabrics you chose for this quilt. It looks amazing.

Tricia said...

This is beautiful! The color wheel has been on my to do list forever. Yours is lovely!

Mermaid Sews said...

Dying, I LOVE this (catching up on blogs as you see). This is so on my to do list.


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