Monday, March 5, 2012

Another Market Tote

Happy March everyone! I can't believe we are already in March, but I'm excited about spring coming. I have actually been getting in some time in my sewing room. Thank you Samantha for still taking naps! I've gotten a couple tops finished and need to get the backs done. Anyone else dislike piecing backs??  It's definitely not my favorite. Once I get them a little more completed I'll share some photos.

Anyway, my family is all coming in to meet the new baby this week so it will still be quiet here on my blog. But I wanted to share another Jane Market tote that I did. My sister is coming and I bought some little gifts for her baby. When I was looking for a bag to put it in, I realized I haven't really made her anything aside from the baby quilt and burp cloths. So - a tote bag to put the gifts in is perfect!

I pulled out my Half Moon Modern to use. With the scale of those prints, I think bags are going to be the best use of these fabrics. I still love this pattern, it comes together so quickly. I used SF101 Pellon interfacing for a little more stiffness on this bag.

And I got to put my label on something finally! And look how well the colors go with this tote.

The inside is more half moon modern. Hopefully it's not too bright for her! If it is, well, I'll keep this one for myself and let her pick out her own fabrics for another. After all, they'll be here for a week and I can whip up one of these bags in no time!

And just because... This photo has my little helper in his carseat. This is where he hangs out while I sew. For the record, he's usually asleep. When he wakes, I do stop sewing and play with him. ;)


Katy Cameron said...

Ahh, lulled to sleep by a sewing machine, you've probably got him hypnotised ;o)

Love the bag though, and the label works perfectly

Kati said...

I love this bag. I actually made one with the green and grey chevron prints and the green leaves from that line. Such great prints!

**nicke... said...

when my daughter was born she loved it when i sewed, it put her right to sleep. i think it was all of the sewing i did when she was still on the inside! ;) love the tote and your label looks awesome!!!

Jessica Kelly said...

This is just the best bag, hands down, and with that green chevron? Perfection! If your sister doesn't want it, you can totally send it my way ;-)

felicity said...

LOVE the bag, Becky!

Jacey said...

The bag looks wonderful, and your label matches so well! I'm glad you got to see your family, and I hope the visit went well!

Melissa Corry said...

Hi Becky,

I couldn't get your email from your profile so I figured this was the next best way to contact you :) You won the giveaway at my blog (Happy Quilting) for the Poetica Fat Quarter Bundle!!!! Yippee Skippee!!!! If you can send me your mailing address I will have it sent right to you :)

Oh, and love the bag!!! So cute!!!

Marci Girl said...

Love the tote, and I especially love your good looking!


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