Tuesday, August 9, 2011

finally did more curtains!

While I haven't been able to sew the last few months, I realized what was bugging me was not being able to quilt, but rather the fact that I haven't been able to decorate our house! We've been here now for 8 months and we have almost nothing on the walls and I haven't finished my "million curtain challenge".

The contentious spot right now is the great room fireplace. Well, really the whole room has me overwhelmed with the sheer size of it, but here's the fireplace.

Yeah, it's big. I marked the 8x10 photo for scale. That got randomly thrown up there and I realized I need bigger art for the walls! LOL.  So bare with me here. This fireplace is about six feet wide and I don't know how tall with the arched ceiling. I had this print on there.

It too is huge and I've had it forever. IMO, it's been waiting for a space like this. Problem - my husband hates it! He took it down while I was sleeping! So we need to find a compromise for this space. What would you do with a space this large!?

So, on to my real reason for posting. I got down work on some new curtains yay! Here are the old ones.
 **note - these photos were staged. My sink is not usually this clean.
Close up of the ginghamy loveliness. My goal - to not have to replace any curtain rods. I've learned my lesson with my bedroom windows. Long story, but I had a hard time finding the right thing.

So here's what I've made.

And with tie backs.
There is actually no windowsill on that frame so I was a little unsure how long to make the curtains. I wound up just eyeballing it and I'm pretty happy with it!  One more window down... 4 more to go!


Susanne said...

I love the print you used!! It looks great!!

That room WAS big : D I loved it!!!

Sharon Pernes said...

I love the new curtains, great job!

A.J. Dub. (Amy) said...

Very cute curtains! I am no help in the art department. Sorry. :)

laurawilson25 said...

I love the red curtains!

Jessica Kelly said...

Wow! That room is really big! I'm so bad at deciding on home decor stuff, we've been in our house almost 5 years and I'm still not happy with how its 'decorated'! LOVE those curtains though!! ((anything Amy Butler)) :-)

felicity said...

Love that Amy Butler print!

For the fireplace mantel, do you have an IKEA close by? They sell printed canvases that are actually quite nice. Failing that, you could frame a different poster (that husband likes), or even a large map?

Denise in PA said...

That's a B.I.G. space! I think you definitely need a large piece of art (or maybe a quilt???) there.

I love your new curtains - what a great fabric choice!

Jacey said...

Ha! Your scale photo makes me laugh. You'll figure it out! I'm confident of that. The new curtains are so lovely, and really brighten up your kitchen.

Tricia said...

The curtains look great!

We've been in our house almost 4 years and haven't hung very much on the walls. Large spaces are too intimidating for me to decorate! Good luck!


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